Win Vespa in 3 steps!

Visit L’Aroma restaurant till September 9th and participate in Prize game in which you can win Vespa based on your restaurant review! Be creative because your opinion can win the prize!

Bucknell University choir & Camerata

(Hrvatski) Za sve ljubitelje dobre glazbe i zborskog pjevanja, 25. svibnja u katedrali sv. Duje održat će se koncert Bucknell University choir & Camerata

(Hrvatski) Vožnja Greypa na vrhu hotela

(Hrvatski) To je bio dan za pamćenje, ispunjen adrenalinom, guštom i novim iskustvom zahvaljujući vožnji električnog bicikla Greyp na osunčanoj terasi hotela Split

Unforgettable Wellness Experience

Wellness experience begins already in Hotel Split guest rooms, since it is completely sea-oriented and the immense blue horizon can be thoroughly enjoyed from every room

L’Aromatic Tastes of Dalmatia

With the backdrop of a gorgeous pink sunset, enjoy the superb culinary art of the L’Aroma restaurant chefs in Hotel Split

Top 5 Tours from Hotel Split

Hotel Split offers you number of activities, tours and excursions to meet Dalmatia, and we bring you Top 5 tours you shouldn’t miss!

Sales Manager wanted

Hotel Split seeks an ambitious, communicative and proactive person who will enrich the existing team in the position of Sales Manager!

International Whale and Dolphin Day

International Day dedicated to one of the most beautiful inhabitants of the sea, whales and dolphins, is celebrated every year on June 30

3rd Art Colony

Hotel Split has hosted a 3rd Art Colony, which was held from 13th May to 15th May, in which 15 artists took part.