Sunset terrace

A beautiful and spacious terrace is situated at the top of the hotel. Named the Sunset Terrace, after its most prominent feature, it presents a unique realm of enjoyment. The view of the endless blue of the sea and sky, the white pebbles and other details that surround you will appear at its best in combination with the sunset.

During the day the terrace is an ideal haven for sunbathing and swimming in the outdoor pool from where you can see the atrium and which is accessible by the panoramic elevator.

In the evenings, it becomes the most beautiful terrace that you can imagine. Modern LED lighting in various colors and the view of Podstrana, the sky, the sea and the islands transform the Sunset Terrace into a truly magical place.

As the day slowly draws to a close and the heavens are aglow with stars, a new story begins whose splendor is reflected in relaxing cocktails and other delights.