Pebble beach

Podstrana is known for its indented coast, which is lined with beautiful and attractive beaches. One of these beautiful beaches is located just in front of Hotel Split. The beautiful pebble beach outside the hotel Split extends into the sea like the most beautiful cape and offers stunning views of the central Dalmatian islands. The beach is equipped with sun loungers, each having a canopy, and sunshades. Our guests can enjoy various drinks and tasty snacks as well as the unforgettable sunset here.

In summer 2015, the beach of Hotel Split has been awarded the White Flag. This symbol guarantees a high quality of the cleanliness of the beach and a safe habitat for all marine life. All beaches with a white flag were cleared of any toxic waste, such as plastic, glass and metal by GUWAA divers. By acting locally, Hotel Split helps actively in the cleaning, preservation and protection of seas, lakes and rivers on a global level.

The beach of Hotel Split and its natural beauty lures you to swim in the cleanest sea during the hot summer months. In the colder days it is an ideal place for a walk or other sports activities, during which you will be surrounded by the relaxing scent and sound of the sea. Since ancient times, the beneficial effects of salty sea water on health and the use of thallasotherapy for medical purposes has been known. The effectiveness and advantages of thallasotherapy can be enjoyed at Hotel Split throughout the year.