Cycling vacation

Enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of the Dalmatian hinterland, Dinaric Alps and pristine springs. Let’s discover secretive beauty of Dinaric karst canyons and hidden coves and shores of the Lake Peruča, following the traces of Croatian history and legacy … to the source of life, source of the longest river in Dalmatia, beautiful Cetina river.

Get to know the small and picturesque town of Sinj and Vrlika, towns full of rich history and interesting secrets. With all the thrill about the Croatian coast, the hinterland behind it often remains an unexplored secret, a perfect combination of breathtaking landscapes dotted with traces of histor and heritage, experienced only by the adventurous few. Explore these rugged terrains and beautiful countryside in an exciting and a scenic Biking and Jeep tour of the last European uncharted territory, the best kept secret in Croatia … Inland Dalmatia!

Price includes: all 4×4 vehicle with driver (guide), top quality Mountain bikes and helmets, instructors / guides (biking), insurance, outdoor gourmet lunch or dinner with wine, with a note that all food is fresh and domestic.

Price upon request.
For more information and booking please contact us or at the Reception desk in the hotel.