Green hotel

Green hotel

Hotel Split has been awarded a Class A energy efficiency certificate, which means that the energy consumption does not exceed 25 kWh per square meter. It is one of the first A-category hotels of this type in Croatia. Hotel has a collection tank for rainwater, which is used as process water, and a central control system of the air conditioning, ventilation and lighting as well as recuperative heat recovery. Waste bins for recycling products are located at appropriate places in the hotel, all cleaning products are biodegradable, hygiene products are pH-neutral and have an eco-certificate.

The lighting of the hotel was designed in the energy-saving LED technology, while ecological and recycled materials are used in daily operation. The gastronomy in our hotel is based on locally-produced food of controlled origin. To raise awareness of the importance of greening the living space that we all live in is an endeavor we try to promote and pass on to our staff and guests.

We are proud that Hotel Split is a “green” hotel, which has an energy efficiency certificate. Our goal is to offer our guests the best possible service, whilst being ecologically responsible at the same time.

Green information

• Hotel Split is a certified energy class A building (up to 25 kWh/m2)
• The entire hot water production of 8,000 liters is produced by solar energy
• All lighting bodies of the hotel were designed in LED technology
• Centralized control system of the hotel’s air conditioning, ventilation and lighting
• Recuperative heat recovery
• The building has an installed solar power output of about 9.9 kW.
• The building has a collection tank for rainwater, which is used as process water (irrigation of green areas, cleaning of the parking lot, road, surroundings and promenade)
• Installed “smart rooms”
• Locally-produced food of controlled origin

• All employees of the hotel are educated on energy efficient behavior
• Waste bins for recycling products are located in the corridors of the hotel
• All detergents and cleaning agents are biodegradable
• Hair shampoos and soaps in the rooms and bathrooms of the hotel are pH-neutral and have an eco-certificate
• We encourage the reuse of linens and towels to reduce water consumption (bed linen and towels are changed upon request of guests)
• No smoking in the hotel
• We use returnable packaging, whenever possible
• We encourage our staff and guests to use the stairs as a form of exercise to reduce the energy consumption of elevators
• Reuse of envelopes for internal correspondence
• Use of not completely used up rolls of toilet paper in the sanitary facilities of the hotel staff
• Reuse of the back side of used paper for notes, etc.